What bib tights for Spring or Fall cycling?

It’s that time of year again. The fall is coming. I know this because the grapes on our vine are starting to turn a dark purple. It’s mid September. The leaves are still green but you can see they are starting to turn. The sunlight is soft. This is the season when you need versatility in clothing.

Introducing the Assos three quarter bib tights “tiburuKnickersMille s7”, also known as Spring/Fall ‘Knickers’. They are essentially three quarter length meaning they come down to mid-calf. In my experience, they are perfect for temperatures that are between 10 and 18 degrees Celsius. You might be more or less sensitive to the cold so may feel differently.

Assos tend to be very body hugging; I have found their website advice on sizing to be pretty spot on. I provide some photos below of the unboxing as well as a video (showing those grapes).

Mille S7 are not cheap. But my experience with Assos clothing is that you can wash them a hundred times and they still come good. And they remain incredibly comfortable.

There’s a lot of advice on what to wear underneath bib tights. My advice for what it is worth: wear nothing underneath. If you are doing long rides, wearing underwear can lead to saddle sores. I guess it is a personal thing but my experience over the years has been ‘less is more’.

You should marry these bib tights with a long sleeve top; depending on how cold it is, you might want to consider a base layer underneath.

The box they come in
Out of the box
The material is extremely comfortable to wear
The box description with details about the bib tights

Written by Oli

Oli enjoys climbing mountains throughout the year on his various bicycles, camping in Summer and definitely to be seen skiing in winter.