Scarpe Mojito Trail GTX review

We instantly fell in love with the Scarpe Mojito trail GTX shoes. They are available for both men and women, and we put them to the test on a particularly difficult and muddy steep trail.

The Scarpe Mojitos trail boots (or shoes) support the foot very well indeed and they need no breaking in. Despite the fact this is not an above ankle boot, you still get adequate support.

Scarpa Mojito Trail boots men
Scarpa Mojito Trail boots men

We tested them out on a downhill forest route in the mountains of South Tyrol. The toes did not feel squashed against the front. Now this is probably the most important tip for sizing trekking boots of any kind: leave a good 1 cm of space between the toes and the tip of boot. The fit around the ankle and sides of the foot must be secure, but the front needs space because when you descend steep slopes, the foot will shift forward slightly. If there is no room, you will get bruised toes.

Scarpa Mojito Trail boots his and hers
Scarpa Mojito Trail boots his and hers

It’s a full lace shoe which means you get great control over the entire length of the foot. The Mojito has a firm toe cap which means it’s unlikely you’ll hurt yourself if you stub against rocks. Despite having a hard sole it remains very flexible. It cushions the impact on uneven terrain.

Scarpa Mojito Trail boots his
Scarpa Mojito Trail boots his – on the trail

Our conclusion is that this shoe is ideal for uneven rocky terrain, slippery leaves, muddy paths (as it has a water proofing) as well as activities such as bouldering as they’re grippy. The shoe suits those seeking a versatile shoe for hiking over several hours. It has the advantage of being passable in town without giving that ‘they’ve been for a hike’ look. We give them the thumbs up !

Written by Oli

Oli enjoys climbing mountains throughout the year on his various bicycles, camping in Summer and definitely to be seen skiing in winter.