Best removable mudguards for road bike

Wet and rainy weather should not put you off riding your bike. Many road bikes, especially racing bikes and gravel bikes, do not come with mudguards. It spoils the looks, adds to the weight of the bike, and is less aerodynamic. But I can assure that dry legs and even more important, a dry rear, are so much more comfortable than a real soaking.

My gravel bike does not have obvious mounting points for mudguards. There is some attempt around the drop outs to provide screw mounting points, but certainly not in the wheel arches.

Introducing Crud Road Racer MK3. These are plastic mudguards that you Velcro on to your bicycle. The manufacturers call the Velcro “DuoTec (TM)” although for simplicity I will keep referring to it as a sort of Velcro. It actually binds a lot stronger than Velcro would.

You line up the mudguard with the seat stays and apply two adhesive Velcro patches to the inside of the seat stays. Then you press the mudguard, which also has a velcro mating surface, on to the patches you’ve put in place, so that the surfaces attach firmly together. The procedure is identical for front and rear.

Velcro strips use adhesive (removable) to inside of wheel arches

My observation is that the rear tends to be easier and less fiddly to set up. It took me about five minutes to install. The front wheel is more fiddly. For some reason, the mudguard continued to rub against the tyre (mine being rather fat 38mm BTwin gravel tyres). However, with a bit of adjustment, I managed to ensure no tyre rub.

Crud Road Racer MK3 rear

Now for the test! Several rides later under wet conditions I can confirm that the mudguards really do work well. The rear mudguard does not move at all; the Velcro is bullet-proof strong. The front mudguard has a tendency to waggle a little and over rough road surfaces can buzz against the tyre from time to time. So far, I have not had any collision between clipped-in shoes and the front mudguard which is quite a good result.

From the rear – Crud Road Racer MK3

I have not tested the gravel bike with mudguards over rough terrain; I suspect the mudguards would waggle about quite a bit. I don’t think they would break as they are robust. Removing and adjusting the mudguards is possible; the velco is very firm, but without too much difficulty you can unseat and reseat easily. The instructions also explain that you can remove the affixed adhesive Velcro strips with a hairdryer, though I have not yet tried. I suspect my better half would raise an eyebrow.

The mudguards are very light. I have not weighed them, but clearly we are talking a few hundred grams at most. The package comes with all the required adhesive velcro patches as well as cleaning swabs to ensure the velcro adheres firmly to your frame. In the box you find two mudguards and they are identical.

Crud Roadracer MK3 comes with sufficient Velcro patches

I highly recommend the Crud Road Racer MK3 mudguards. They will accommodate tyres from 38mm and downwards without difficulty. And the best bit is that when the sun comes out and the roads are dry again, I can quickly pull off the mudguards and ride my bike once again en nu.

Written by Oli

Oli enjoys climbing mountains throughout the year on his various bicycles, camping in Summer and definitely to be seen skiing in winter.