We’re a husband and wife team. The clue is in our website name: Ad and Oli. We bought this web domain in 2005 when we got married with the intention to always write about our passion for the Outdoors, for the Mediterranean life, for cycling, camping, hiking, skiing and so on. But life got in the way. Children, work. Simply other priorities. And now, almost 15 years later, we have finally got round to it.

It’s a bit like our passion for cycling or camping. We started out tentatively back then. We took some risks. We bought some kit. We’ve tried quite a few things and we hope to share some of our experiences both good and bad with you. It’s not meant to be authorative or exhaustive in any way, and none of the products, places or things we write about are in any way bought for us by someone else. It’s all ours.

We do occasionally provide links to Amazon for some of the products we own, where a pittance may be earned to pay for the hosting.

We’re based in the middle of Europe surrounded by very large mountains and very beautiful lakes. Snowy winters and properly warm summers.

Real seasons and many sports. Welcome to Adoli.com

Riding in Puglia
Ad on her way to the deep blue sea.