A really good handlebar bike bag

I know. To look really awesome on your racing bike you are supposed to stuff a few minimal things in your jersey back pockets. It maintains the sleek look.

But what if you are climbing up a mountain and actually need a change of clothes at the top? What if you would prefer to keep a waterproof jacket and trousers somewhere, and maybe a snack or two? And it doesn’t all fit in your jersey pockets?

I have looked for a long time for something good. I have tried the large saddle bags, but actually I already have a small saddle bag with a spare innertube in it. That spot is taken. And I find a saddle bag inaccessible which is appropriate for those rare times you need a spare inner tube.

What I really wanted was a bag that attaches easily to the handlebars and can be removed quickly. Introducing the BTwin handlebar bike bag. It’s really not expensive. The full name is RIVERSIDE 300 Bike Handlebar Bag – 2.5L and you can get it from Decathlon stores in most countries in Europe.

Although they say it is not waterproof, I’ve found the material pretty water resistant. The space is sufficient. Of course on very narrow 40cm drop handle bars it might reduce the space on the tops where you grip. I found that was not a major drawback as I usually ride on the hoods.

Here is what I put in it today for a climb up a famous mountain pass (the Susten): one lightweight wind proof jacket, one long sleeve jersey, one skin foil under garment, pair of long fingered gloves, one under helmet hat, and one charging brick and cable (‘cos the iPhone dies on long rides). I needed all of this because at 2,220m it is cold. Especially descending. And I was toasty warm 🙂

Anyway, I also use it for more sedate rides. I swap it from racing bike to gravel bike to mountain bike with the Velcro straps that are so easy to do up or remove – and which keep it securely in place. My e-MTB does not have a bottle cage (no space to mount a bottle cage). Solution: I can put a large water bottle in the BTwin bag. Easy to access on the go via the zipper.

BTwin bag on the racing bike
a Close up look

Written by Oli

Oli enjoys climbing mountains throughout the year on his various bicycles, camping in Summer and definitely to be seen skiing in winter.